A Classic Comeback: Old Spice

Did you know that before Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, the Red Zone brand was relatively unknown and unpopular? The wildly successful viral video campaign brought life to the brand and its products. You’ve probably seen it before but here it is again…

So what made this viral video campaign such a success? I’ve broken my findings into three main points:

1. Creativity/Originality

Most if not every viral video starts with a great idea. Sometimes they can be costly, like in the making of this ad, but if it is done right, the benefits are definitely worth the time, money and effort.

2. The Follow Up

Don’t just stop at one 30 second spot. Integrate the campaign through all your media outlets including your website, social media accounts, print ads and more. Old Spice really hit a home run here with its continuation of the commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa and the continued involvement of this main character. For example, check out the below clip of Isaiah responding to one of his twitter fan-mails!

3. Sensory Appeal

Visual and auditory stimulation is essential in today’s age of media. Seeing something wildly entertaining is what makes consumers double-take and pause what they are doing for a few seconds to watch and listen. See one of my previous posts for more on Entertainment in Advertising.

Think about some other viral video campaigns you’ve seen (Kony 2012, Doritos: Crash the Superbowl…etc). What else do they have in common that generally leads to successful viral campaigns?

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Marketing Gone Mobile

You’ve heard of E-commerce, the sale of goods and services over electronic media such as the internet and computers. M-commerce, or mobile commerce, is a subset of e-commerce and is a marketing medium that is being increasing exploited by both firms and consumers!

Some interesting facts about mobile commerce:

  • In December 2012 – Walmart estimated that 40% of the visits to their internet shopping site was from a mobile device
  • In January 2013 – 29% of mobile phone users had made a purchase with their phone
  • By 2015 – Bank of America estimates that $67.1 billion in purchases will be made from a mobile device

So what does this mean for firms?

1. Mobile Enabled Websites

Did you know that 79% of websites are not mobile enabled? That means that when consumers use their smartphones to surf the web, these websites will discourage them with small text, links and buttons, difficult navigation and poor quality. The bounce rate for these sites will be through the roof. By preparing your website to be mobile enabled, your business can catch on to this rising mobile trend!

Small Businesses! This is YOU!

One out of three of every mobile search is local. That means consumers are looking for a business in their local area. Simply put, if your small business doesn’t have a mobile enabled website, it is losing many potential customers right off the bat. Having a mobile enabled website means that consumers can easily find your location, number and other information on your website. Not having one means that you are directing them towards your more-equipped competitors.

For more information on the advantages of mobile enabled websites, check out this video!

2. Social Media Integration

Besides sending texts and making calls, consumers are always staying connected via social media. By staying current with their social media accounts, firms can direct their target market towards their website (which should be mobile enabled) in order to increase brand awareness, offer purchase points and ultimately, boost revenue.

The mobile network is surerly where consumers and firms alike are headed in the world of tomorrow. Mobile marketing is a huge and fruitful avenue that firms can use to reach their potential consumers. And as more and more consumers acquire smartphones, this trend is increasing every day! Make sure your firm stays takes the above steps to stay ahead of the curve!

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Egocentrism in marketing?

We all knew that people could be a bit full of themselves…but business too?

Expert copywriters know this and preach it – it’s all about the consumers, not the business! Just as my last few posts have talked about, each firm has very limited time to interact with consumers given the sea of media outlets and attention-hungry firms. Narcissism turns consumers off – when a consumer is finally reading your firms copy, do you think they’d rather read about you or themselves?

You’d be surprised how many firms brag about themselves in their original copy. Let’s take a look at an example of a widget firm. As a widget buyer from a manufacturing firm, you read right off of Acme Widget’s homepage:

“Since 1915, Acme Widget has precision-manufactured more than 10,000 varieties of widgets. Our continued Total Quality Management ensures the optimal performance of each and every widget. What’s the Acme difference? State-of-the-art technology – including the latest laser manufacturing techniques – along with six sigma processes to ensure the highest quality.”

You’ve probably seen copy like this before. Sounds like Acme Widget is great at what they do, but where does the consumer fit in? Now take a look at the revised copy:

 “No manufacturer is the same. That’s why Acme Widget strives to serve you and your individual needs. Whether you are looking for red, green, purple or color matched widgets, no other company offers a wider selection, faster delivery or more production-friendly engineered designs than Acme Widget.

Studies have shown that Acme Widget will improve your production speeds by as much as 35%, while significantly reducing defective rates over traditional widgets.

Great selection. Fast delivery. Increased production speeds and reduced defectives for lower overall manufacturing costs. One name. Acme. See how you could benefit from Acme’s widgets by calling or clicking today!”

There’s a clear difference between the two versions of copy when it comes to tone and appeal. As a widget buyer, which would you be more attracted towards?

I’ve broken down customer-oriented copy into three main points that will help you and your firm attract customers instead of turning them off:

1. Make use of clear statements that highlight consumer benefit.

2. Support your claims and refute any objects to make the consumer feel confident and satisfied.

3. Bring potential consumers into the dialogue to keep the conversation going!

Make sure to use these tips the next time you’re writing copy for a firm!

Think about the last advertisement you saw. Was the firm talking about itself or you? What kind of impression did it leave on you?

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Marketing’s Toughest Challenges

Another speaker at the AMA International Collegiate Conference was Ned Duggan, Brand Director of Bacardi USA. As a seasoned brand marketer, Duggan has definitely found himself between a rock and a hard place more times than one. With all his experience under his belt, he came to the conference to get young marketers thinking about the challenges that marketers face today, so that we’ll have a head start as leaders in the world of tomorrow.

That being said, this post is a little different than the others…instead of me outlining what firms and marketers should be doing, why don’t we all pitch in our two cents and see where a little crowdsourcing can get us!

Below are several of the problems that stump marketers every day. What solutions can YOU offer?

1. Cynical Consumers.

These days, consumers are more educated and have access to a world of information at the click of a button via their smartphones, laptops and tablets. Information travels at blazing fast speeds between individuals, cities and even countries. Consumers aren’t the same old gullible and unintelligent being that they used to be. As a result, selling them your product or service is harder than ever.

Cynical Consumers

2. Channel Overload.

The media landscape isn’t what it used to be. Decades ago, firms had few ways of connecting to consumers – radio, television and print ads pretty much summed it up. Now take a look at the same pie chart and it’s crowded with hundreds of outlets. Each day, consumers use several of these outlets and are attacked, left and right, by the messages of marketers. And with the skyrocketing density of marketing messages, marketers find it harder than ever to get consumers to recall their brand name in the sea of social media outlets.

Social Media Landscape

3. Big Data.

Social media, in the words of Mr. Duggan, has become “the world’s largest focus group”. Marketers can see results of their branding campaigns in real-time as consumers discuss their opinion on hundreds of outlets. Pictures, videos, posts, comments, discussion boards and more all have valuable information that marketers want organized and evaluated. But with so much information, marketers are overwhelmed and unable to make the most-informed decision possible.

If you were Bacardi’s Brand Director, what solutions would you have to today’s toughest marketing challenges?

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How Firms Should Use Social Media – Part 2

A real quick follow up: Here are 5 things that Luke Wyckoff and his firm, Social Media Energy, look for when consulting firms about their use of social media. Does your business hit the mark?

1. Is your website mobile enabled? Check it out on your smartphone! Are you squinting at small text and having a hard time navigating the site? Your website, along with 92% of others, isn’t mobile enabled! With smartphones being a significant part of the consumers daily routine, don’t miss out on potential business on the mobile market!

2. Are your logos and icons for Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets on your website? 80% of companies don’t have these links!

3. Are the logos and icons actually active? Many firms only have imagines of social media links, which is little to no help at all!

4. Does your firm continuously update social media? Be sure to stay current and interact with your potential customers. Plus, search engines love the original content!

5. Are your social media pages customized? Did you know that you can customize the links, background and pictures on your Facebook page? Keep your online-look consistent with your brand image!

Social Media

The above points are what the social media experts at Social Media Energy ask firms when their social media needs a boost, so make sure your business can answer YES to all of the above!

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How Firms Should Use Social Media

One of the most entertaining guest speakers at the AMA International Conference was Luke Wyckoff, Chief Visionary Officer and co-founder of Social Media Energy (SME), a firm that specializes in social media consulting. Social media is like a bridge that can help lead firms to success, says Mr. Wyckoff, but the problem is that no one wants to build it!

Mr. Wyckoff and his colleagues at SME manage the social media accounts of several big names including Sports Authority, RE/MAX and The History Channel. With tons of social media expertise under his belt, Wyckoff had much advice to give firms about how to use social media to their advantage…

Social media…

1. IS your space to own!

Mr. Wyckoff stressed that firms must grab their space online. If you don’t have an online presence out there, someone will take it for you. And don’t tie it to an individual; be sure to set up social media accounts to a company email address.

2. IS your space to use!

Don’t leave a house half built. Interact with potential customers online. Accounts that aren’t updated often make a firm look disorganized and outdated.

3. Is NOT an electronic bulletin board.

Many firms use their social media accounts as a one way outlet to communicate to their market without allowing for and/or recognizing feedback from customers. Instead, firms need to utilize these outlets to facilitate two-way communication between the firm and the consumer…

4. IS a great way to get feedback from constituents.

The best form of primary research isn’t focus groups anymore. It’s Facebook and Twitter. After launching their marketing campaign, firms can see in real-time what consumers are saying about them on these outlets. That’s why incorporating your social outlets is a pivotal part of any campaign.

5. Is NOT another sales force.

Firms shouldn’t solely be offering their product line on their outlets. They should rather be building their brand. What does that mean exactly? Check out Old Spice’s page. Sure they promote their products, but they also illustrate their community involvement, offer great content and interact with their fan base.

6. IS a great way to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and other search engines love original content. The more the website changes and the more often there are updates to the social media accounts, the better the firm will be optimized on search engines. Later, once the 35-40 SEO keywords is known, which relate to the industry, firm and website, include them into every Facebook and Twitter update and the firm will be gold!

Ten years ago, companies debated launching websites. Now a company without a website or one with a poorly managed site is looked down upon. Similarly, social media accounts are the new mediums that connect firms and consumers and are essential to any firm – big or small!

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AMA International Collegiate Conference

Greetings from New Orleans!

This weekend, the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the great city of New Orleans and  host the 35th annual International Collegiate Conference. 1,200 students from all over the world who are interested in marketing and its diverse sub-fields coverage under the roof of one conference center, along with experienced business professionals, to compete in business simulations and role-plays and to learn from each other and the veteran businessmen and women.

American Marketing Association

The cultural hot-spot will be crawling with some of the most brilliant minds when in comes to marketing. Among the  distinguished speakers are Ned Duggan, Brand Director of Bacardi USA, Luke Wyckoff, Chief Visionary Officer of Social Media Energy, and keynote speaker, Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak turned global business consultant, budding TV celebrity and best-selling author.

I’ll be attending as many of the seminars as I can throughout the conference. Make sure that you SUBSCRIBE so you can stay tuned for some exciting posts about the words of wisdom that these marketing tycoons have to give!

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